power washing vancouverAs a property manager or a strata council, one of the items on your yearly to-do list is usually to pressure wash the garage, the garage parkade and/or the walkways. When getting quotes, however, be sure to specify whether you want hot water power washing or cold water power washing.

What is the main difference between hot water and cold water pressure washing?

There is a difference in the final outcome. You want to clean not only the dirt and grease, but also any other existing bacteria. Unlike other provinces, British Columbia has problems with moss and lichen removal. While cold pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt, they are completely ineffective in killing the medium in which these two challenges grow. The hot water system kills the existing bacteria as well as ensuring that re-growth is slower.

In addition, if the surface you are cleaning is mixed with oil or grease, a cold water pressure washer won’t clean as well as a hot water pressure washer. Think of it like washing greasy dishes in the sink. No matter how much soap you use, you are only smearing the grease around in cold water. Add hot water, and it cuts through the grease and oil in no time. The same applies to cleaning with a pressure washer. If oil or grease is present in any form, only a hot water pressure washer will remove it quickly.

A final annoying challenge is cleaning up chewing gum – hot water will simply melt the gum off the sidewalks, making the area clean and safe. Using cold water systems is completely ineffective.

What are the best detergents and accessories to use on a pressure washer?

By using detergents that are specially formulated for hot water, and high pressure nozzles that are specifically designed to with a downstream injector, your surfaces come out cleaner and with less surface damage. The use of the flat surfaces machine attached to the hot water supply hose results in an even cleaning of surfaces without pressure washing lines being left behind. This is because more heat is being concentrated in a smaller area, a better clean is also achieved.

Hot water pressure washers clean faster and better, saving time and getting your building back to normal in less time, making your customers and residents happier. Learn more about the cleaning services from Priority Building Services:



At Priority Building Services, we use a gas powered, hot water pressure washer to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum cleanliness. Call 604-327-1123 today for a no obligation quote for pressure washing services.

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  1. Sarah Smith February 6, 2017 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    I’m thinking about getting a hot water pressure washer. Thanks for the advice about a hot water pressure washer kills the existing bacteria and ensures their re-growth is slower. Another thing to consider is to get a hot water washer that lasts a long time and has enough pressure to clear out any dirt that it needs to.

  2. Paul October 26, 2017 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the post. Cold water is best for removing dirt, and hot water is best for kills bacteria. Appreciate!

  3. Steele Honda July 10, 2019 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    Thanks for pointing out that if the surface you are cleaning is mixed with oil or grease, a cold water pressure washer won’t clean as well as a hot water pressure washer. My husband is thinking about buying a hot water pressure washer because it thinks it would help clean our garage and our house better. I think that it would be nice since it can get rid of grease and I think it would help make sure that our garage looked as good as possible. Thanks for detailing the difference between hot water and cold water pressure washers.

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