Making the decision whether or not to outsource your business’s cleaning services is not an easy one, especially if you’re on a tight budget. However, what you might not know is that hiring a commercial cleaning company, versus an employee, can actually save you money and make more people happy. Here’s why.

1. You Can Relax.
When you hire a commercial cleaner you can relax knowing that despite looming deadlines, holidays, unexpected meetings or unplanned absences, your office space will still get cleaned at the end of the day, week or whenever you’ve arranged for the work to be done. Plus, you don’t have to worry about taking your employees away from their work.

2. A Commercial Cleaner Will Do A Better Job.
It’s true. When you hire your staff, you probably don’t ask whether or not they know how to use a steam cleaner. When you hire a cleaning company on the other hand, you know that you are hiring trained professionals who do quality work.

3. They Probably Have Better Equipment Than You Do.
Many commercial cleaning companies maintain a level of commitment to environmental sustainability meaning they have cleaning practices and equipment in place to minimize waste and maximize performance, thus creating a greener workspace.

4. You Can Save Money.
When you outsource your cleaning services, you can reduce additional expenses in employee hours, cleaning equipment and other supplies. Plus, you can customize your service and frequency to suit your budget.

5. A Cleaner Space Looks Better.
A cleaner workplace will make a better impression on clients and colleagues, not to mention create a happier, healthier environment for everyone in it.

6. You Break It, You Buy It.
Accidents happen. If one of your employees damages any of your office equipment, you’re financially liable for the damage and replacement. All commercial cleaning companies should have appropriate insurance in the event of any accidental damage, injury or harm that occurs on your property.

7. It’s Tough to Get People to Do the Dirty Work.
Asking your employees to perform routine cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the toilets, vacuuming or mopping is not an easy job. In doing so, it can significantly impact their morale, which can impact the work that they do. You might be better off avoiding the topic altogether.

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