quality-checks-for-restaurant-cleaning-servicesRunning a restaurant is the synchronized efforts of your team to service the needs of your clientele. You, as a restaurant owner or manager, are on the go and wearing many hats in order for the restaurant to be maintained properly and operating to your specific standards. Restaurant cleaning services is an integral aspect to maintaining the health standards that you need to achieve.

With guest demands your first priority is serving their needs. Caring for your clientele and preparing satisfying meals is always top of mind for you as you manage restaurant operations.

Maintaining health standards is critical to operating a safe and clean environment for all your patrons to enjoy, celebrate, engage, and reconnect through a meal together.

Quality checks maintain your strict restaurant cleaning health standards

Priority Building Services provide quality restaurant cleaning solutions to meet the highest cleaning standards. We deep clean large and small restaurants, bar and hotels.

Backed with over 25 years of cleaning experience, we know how to maintain the cleaning standard that you desire. We do it all, from the daily front of house cleaning to deep cleans on the equipment in the back.

Our 94% retention rate means our customers are satisfied

Receive reliable and professional restaurant cleaning services, 365 days a year. We commit to quality checks to ensure that your restaurant meets the cleaning standards set out initially day every day of the year.

Priority Building Services provides restaurant cleaning services include:

  • restaurant-cleaning-services-vancouverVacuumed daily
  • Mopping all areas necessary
  • Sanitize tables, table legs and chairs
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Dust and wipe down walls, pictures and glass windows
  • Disinfect and clean garbage disposal area
  • Dusting ledges, window sills, baseboards, displays, and fixtures
  • Inspect and clean air ducts
  • Spontaneous and routine quality check inspections

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