There are many janitorial services Vancouver.  You may be wondering which ones are reputable and will get the job done right the first time.  It is hard to find a good janitorial services that are responsible for their actions and care about your property.

Learn about the companies client retention rate

Reputation speaks for itself.  Are you more willing to go with janitorial services that have a 94% customer retentation rate or go with a new company that is still learning how to train it’s staff properly and work out the cleaning guidelines?

Of course,  you are going to go with a company with a proven track record.  It’s a no brainer.  You want your janitorial services done with no hassels so cleaning does not have to be at the top of your mind anymore.  You can concentrate on your other important tasks on you to do list.

Priority Building Services in Vancouver proudly retains 94% of their customers and has effective cleaning standards that all their clients benefit from.

Does the company have Quality Checks?

It is hard searching for janitorial services Vancouver.  You need the janitors to provide professional commercial cleaning  services week in and week out. The same great job every day.  You should not have to have an additional task on your list of checking up on someones work.  Cleaning out corners, tops of fans, ledges, and windows is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment and a company that does random quality checks to ensure a thorough clean is the one that you should go with.

Do they hold green cleaners certifications?

The last thing you need is harsh smelling commercial cleaning products polluting your office air ducts and running through your sink drains into the local water streams. When clients find it difficult to stay in your office due to the overwhelming scent from your cleaning products it is essential that you find the right combination of effective green cleaning products and reliable green cleaners to get your job done right every time.

green-janitorial-services-vancouver-imagePriority Building Services are offer:


Priority Building Services provides a well rounded approach to janitorial services Vancouver.  A dedicated team member sole purpose is to provide random quality check inspections at each clients business to ensure that the cleaning standards are always met. Each team member, at Priority Building Services, is specifically trained in green cleaning standards to earn their green cleaners certification.

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